Research Workshop

The Network organises research workshops for conflict researchers where participants share results of completed and work-in-progress research, expand their professional ties and foster peer-to-peer partnerships.

Conflict Research Methodology School

CORN West Africa recognises that worthwhile research hinges critically on the application of the appropriate methodology, and that this is more so for conflict research. Therefore, the Conflict Research Methodology School aims to introduce conflict researchers to research methods adaptable for conflict research. This School keeps abreast with innovations in research methods within the discipline and updates researchers’ knowledge.

West African Women in Peace and Conflict Research

CORN West Africa acknowledges that women suffer exclusion in many aspects of life that deprives institutions and society of their human and professional potential. The Network also realises that women continue to lack equal access to research opportunities. In furtherance of its gender equity and social and professional inclusion policy, CORN West Africa’s WAWPCR aims to provide women within the Network with opportunities to conduct high-quality conflict research without any inhibitions.

International Conference

Although conflicts are often context or locale-specific, peace and conflict studies is a unified field where researchers from across the world draw from their unique experiences and the experiences of researchers in other contexts to build a unified body of knowledge and system of practice. In keeping with this tradition, CORN West Africa organises a quadrennial (once every four years) international conference where the Network’s researchers and conflict researchers from across the world meet to share knowledge and peer-review their work.

Research Working Groups

Given the diverse forms of conflict in the region, the working groups on Research on Peace and Conflict Themes serve to create teams of theme-specific researchers to identify trends in specific forms of conflict, generate advisory on potential research areas, and lead or support the conduct of high-quality research. The working groups play a critical role in CORN West Africa’s strategic research plan and outreach to government and non-governmental stakeholders delivering peace interventions.

Abuja Peace Forum

The utility of research is its offtake by relevant stakeholders in the advocacy and policy formulation spheres. The Abuja Peace Forum is the convergence of research, advocacy and policymaking. The platform brings together on a quarterly basis, CORN West Africa’s researchers, non-governmental organisations working on peace advocacy, and relevant government officials and representatives of institutions responsible for policymaking on conflict prevention and mitigation. The forum’s goal is to translate CORN West Africa’s research outcomes into tangible advocacy issues and policy responses.

Thematic Webinars and Guest Lectures

CORN West Africa organises periodic webinars on diverse themes in peace and conflict research. The webinars will have as guest presenters, experts on the selected themes. These include members of CORN West Africa, particularly members of the working groups, and non-members of the Network within and outside West Africa involved in research, advocacy or policymaking and implementation in the thematic area.